Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking Active (Android APK)

        1. View Operative Accounts.

        2. Fund transfer using IFT, IMPS, NEFT

        3. Details Statement

        4. Mini Statement

        5. Cheque book request

        6. Stop payment request

        7. And much more.

For enable financial transaction services, please visit home branch.


Terms and Conditions for Mobile Banking.


To download the Mobile Banking Application from the play store of the Mobile OS vendor.

2 That transaction initiated through Mobile banking application are irrevocable; Bank shall not entertain any request for revocation of transaction or stop payment request for transaction initiated through Mobile Banking as the transactions are completely instantaneous and are incapable of being reversed.
3 Not to use Mobile Banking channel for transfer of funds for illegal activities.
4 To be responsible for the safe custody and security of Mobile Banking Application Downloaded on our mobile phones and immediately inform the bank about loss or theft of mobile phone for disabling of Mobile banking Services to prevent unauthorized usage.
5 Do NOT share the Login Password with anyone including bank’s staff / Associate / Representative.
6 To operate within the maximum transaction limit(s) permitted by the bank for Mobile Banking.
7 To accept transaction limit changes at any time as deemed necessary by Bank.
8 To be responsible for any loss caused arising out of usage of Mobile Banking.
9 To accept all changes/Modi?cation/Additions/Removals of any of the extant terms and conditions governing Mobile banking service.
10 In case of other than individuals the resolution for mobile registration is required with BOD approved resolutions.
11 Charges applicable as per bank policies.


Charges of Services.

IMPS (Inward)                                                                                        Free

Inter Bank Transfer                                                                               Free

NEFT                                                                                                      Free (Timing 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM)

                        IMPS other Bank Transfer

Rs.1.00 to Rs.9,999.00                                                                          Free

Rs.10,000.00 to Rs.25,000.00                                         Rs.2.00 per transaction + GST

Rs.25,001.00 to Rs.50,000.00                                         Rs.3.00 per transaction + GST

Rs.50,001.00 to Rs.1,00,000.00                                      Rs.5.00 per transaction + GST

Rs.100,001.00 to Rs.2,00,000.00                                    Rs.7.00 per transaction + GST